Delicious chewy cookies sandwiched together with our buttercream frosting. 


Available in 4 flavours:


Caramel Apple (fall feature)

- cinnamon snickerdoodle cookies filled with caramel buttercream and housemade apple pie filling


Chocolate Salted Caramel 

- fudgy dark chocolate brownie cookies, sprinkled with sea salt and sandwiched with caramel buttercream + a gooey housemade caramel center.


Vanilla Confetti

- chewy buttery confetti cookies sandwiched with vanilla bean buttercream in our signature teal colour.


Oatmeal Chai

-chewy oatmeal brown butter cookies sandwiched with chai buttercream. 



* GLUTEN FREE chocolate salted caramel available 

*while we do our best to avoid cross-contamination, we are unable to guarantee gluten free*



Sandwich Cookies

PriceFrom C$9.00